Happy Opening Day!

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We have a pretty good mix of team allegiances. At Blueye, you can find devotions to teams ranging from Cubs to Sox fans and Cards to Yankee fans. You can only imagine the conversations/debates that are had in our office during the season.


So finally the season is here and we’re getting ready to watch our favorite teams and follow updates from our favorite players on Facebook and Twitter. Why should you care? Well, the MLB just released a Social Media Policy for the managers, players and personnel to follow.


Here are some of the terms in the policy:

  • Players cannot question umpires’ calls on social media
  • Players are not allowed to post official MLB property without permission (including links to official MLB websites)
  • There can be no social media posting 30 minutes before games, during the games, or until 10 minutes after the game is over.


I think it’s crucial for companies of all types and sizes to have social media policies in place and I’m also surprised it took the MLB this long to release one. However, there’s one rule that really stands out to me. Players can’t link back to MLB sites without permission? That’s a little strange if you ask me. With the huge degree of fan/brand loyalty especially in sports, it seems like the MLB would like all the attention its sites can get. It also puts a pretty strict limitation on its players that are the root of the league’s success.


On the bright side, it’s about time the MLB has a policy in place. With a large fan base comes a lot of responsibility and all eyes are on them during the start of the season. The last thing it needs right now is some type of social media crisis on its hands.


What are some social media policies you think the players should abide by?


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