Glowing Little Rectangles

Posted in Commentary, Technology


One of my favorite websites, LifeHacker, published an article today on how to hack your iPhone so that it can “read your mind.” While the iPhone can’t actually read our minds (yet), the hacks they provide sure seem like it can come close. In short, the hacks allow you to program your iPhone to automatically perform certain tasks during certain times of the day or under certain circumstances (i.e., if you’re in range of your home Wi-Fi network, the screen lock feature is turned off because it’s assumed to be a “safe” location).

While I’m scared shitless of the idea that technology will be able to read our thoughts, motives, and emotions some day, I’m actually a fan of these programmable tweaks. Why? It saves us time that we spend hunched over our glowing little rectangles. Less time spent hunched over glowing rectangles means less time aimlessly clicking through our phone’s menu screens. Less time aimlessly clicking through menu screens means more time for human interaction. Okay, hopefully you see where I’m going with this. The point is, I think we’re finally building tech that’s built around us, not tech that requires us to change our lives to use it.