What’s Your Favorite Way to Communicate? Part II

By Breanna Banford, Social Marketing Specialist, Xerox Enterprise Business Group

The conversation continues… about communication. How, when and with which device? Today, this is a daily consideration for most professionals because of the emerging group that’s influencing the evolution of the workplace – the Millennials.

CIO senior writer, Tom Kaneshige states, “Baby Boomers rely on the telephone, Gen X is all about email, and Millennials prefer social networking, instant messaging and even video chat. Tensions rise when, say, an old-line worker gets a video call across his PC from a Millennial worker.” That’s where the conflict lies. Where does an individual’s communication comfort level exist and how do you manage to tap into all the ways we can communicate with each other? One way works for someone and doesn’t for another. The important question to consider as changes take place in your organization – How will you adapt?

Below in an earlier post from the Business of Work blog, I offer some insight on the challenges of communication overload. Continue reading

Is Passbook the Silent Game Changer of iOS6?

As your Twitter and Facebook might have let you know, Apple has released their new operating system for their popular iPhone and iPad products. Timed to be released with their new iPhone 5, the new OS features a host of changes, and rumors about what’s in and what’s out have been buzzing in Tech circles for months.

The big changes are the culmination of Apple’s decoupling with Google that’s been taking place for a while. There’s a native map application, and no more youtube-standard installation. Facebook on the other hand is now integrated throughout, with their sign-in featured throughout many applications. Many other features and applications have received makeovers and improvements. But one of the least talked about features—Apple’s Passbook, a digital wallet of sorts—might be one of the biggest, and most utilized features on the new system. Continue reading