NOW HIRING: Full-Time Programmer

Blueye is a development agency and technology start-up that works with a wide variety of clients, from mobile start-ups to Fortune 500 Brands. Blueye has recently launched the leading social commerce solution for brands to build customer loyalty programs on web, mobile & social.

We are looking for a locally-based, full-time programmer that is a good communicator, works well in team projects as well as individual ones, and is creative and forward-thinking.

Blueye is a group of talented people who work hard and know how to play hard as well. The ideal candidate is a team player, loves start-up culture, and is an has the ambition and talent to learn and try new things.


Work within a development and a design team on client-based projects of varying size and degree. Depending on your experience level, you could be asked to work under a lead developer, or take on primary development yourself.

Work with Project Manager, Designer, and client to develop a strategy for projects, create and follow timelines for projects.

We build some really great stuff and, once in awhile, have to Fix Old Broken Stuff…. Continue reading

Instagram Trims Back the Vines

After a week of buzz, today Facebook announced its new video feature on Instagram, aptly named “Video on Instagram”. The photo sharing app with 130 million users will now allow the coffee/cat/feet photo sharing contingent to upload 15 second videos with 13 filters to choose from, making it a familiar extension of Instagram’s signature tinting technique. One of the most exciting parts of the “Video on Instagram” announcement was the rollout of “Cinema”, a revolutionary video stabilizing system that takes the shakiness out of videos shot while on the move.

Sound like a tricked out Vine? That’s probably because it is. Vine’s 6 second constraint and looping style may make for more creative and quickly¬†digestible¬†content, but “Video on Instagram” will let users edit their video, make it look fancy with a filter, and erase out any unsteadiness. It remains to be seen how much the introduction of “Video on Instagram” will slow Vine down, but it seems clear that this will be a blow for Twitter’s video sharing service.

6 second Vine’s spurred a lot of great material- let’s have a look back at two of our personal favorites:

What are you excited to see with those extra 9 seconds of Video on Instagram?