Thumbs Up for CentUp

Have you heard of CentUp yet? If not, you should watch this video on what it is exactly. In summary, CentUp is a startup that is looking to reward content creators for their work while fighting “slacktivism” with a simple button. from Len Kendall on Vimeo.

Pretty cool stuff isn’t it? Check out CentUp’s indiegogo campaign to contribute to the cause and even get some perks out of it.

CentUp is set to go live in February.

Meeting IRL? Follow These Tips Before Going Offline

Have you noticed the meeting in real life (IRL) trend on social media? It’s hard not to.

I’m not even factoring in the online dating scene. I’m just talking about people who have tweeted back and forth for so long, consider themselves good friends, and finally meet in person. It’s always interesting to see or hear about online relationships going offline on a personal level and even with brands.

Here are some tips on what not to do when you meet your @bestbud IRL. Seasoned vets, please feel free to add your own to the list. Continue reading