The Earthquake Heard Around Social Media

If you were to ask someone what his or her number one news source was 10 years ago, the answer would more than likely be very different than today. For instance, how did you hear about the earthquake today on the east coast and in Colorado?  I first heard about it from a friend in New York. When I told her I hadn’t heard the news she said, “Check it out, everyone is tweeting about it.”


It’s very telling that my friend’s first thought was to direct me to social media and not a specific news source. Then again, that seems to have been the right move. According to AllTwitter, Twitter was the first outlet to break the news from all of the live tweets with people’s first-hand experiences. #Earthquake was a trending topic not too long afterwards followed by a few more earthquake related topics.


It’s no surprise to me anymore that social media is the go-to news source for a lot of people. Outlets like Twitter give people a lot of variation in the tone of the news for every big event as well, instead of the inverted pyramid ways of the past.  On that note, check out this list of the Best Twitter Reponses To The Earthquake.

How did you hear about the earthquake or any other notable news events?